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                                              Amplified Edition n2

                                                    Dir. Hanna Gillgren and Heidi Rustgaard/ UK Tour/ 2021

Amplified Edition N ° 2 is the 2nd part of the Amplified Edition series. The first edition was based on the black box theatre and its objects and materials, and it premiered at Rosendal Teater (NO) in October 2019. Amplified Edition N ° 2 continues this series by investigating utilitarian and omnipresent plastic sheeting. Using tarpaulin, a cheap everyday material as the prime choreographic material, the work is built around five chapters that are performed in the gallery context. Material and sound from each chapter accumulate throughout the day, creating transformative sound environments as a result of each performance activation.

The work explores the potential for the material to transcend its normative function into existence somewhere in between object and subject, between sculptural field and figurative presence. Choreography occurs in the meeting between bodies, voices, objects and space triggering movement and sound in the material. Using their voices performers create vocal choreographic landscapes, that stretch, slow down, speed up, break apart, distract and crash into one another, never quite reaching harmony.

Amplified Edition N ° 2 inhabits a space that questions how the gallery amplifies objects into art and how it choreographs visual, sonic and haptic encounters with representation. The work exists in the echoes and reverberations between performers, objects and visitors, and in the shifting transvaluation of incidental materiality.

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