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1994/5                London Contemporary Dance School. PG Degree in Performance (4D Performance Group)  


1991/4               London Contemporary Dance School. BA Degree in Contemporary Dance and Choreography. 

1993                   Exchange, SUNY Purchase New York  



2022                Dancing In Public Spaces. London Contemporary Dance School. Dir. Requardt & Rosenberg. Rehearsal Director

2022                     The Problems with Animals. Choreodrome at The Place Theatre. In collaboration with Jess Latowicki. Director/Coreographer.

2019-Present      Future Cargo. Dir. Requardt & Rosenberg. Rehearsal Director.

2020                     Tadaas!!! Laban Historical. Dir. Lea Anderson. Rehearsal Director

2019                     Look Out. Dir. Andy Field. Assistant/Rehearsal Director

2019                     Yippee!!! Laban Historical. Dir. Lea Anderson. Rehearsal Director

2018                     Everything That Rises Must Dance. Dir.Sasha Milavic Davies. Theatre de Complicite'.  Rehearsal Director.

2012                     Possibly Transparent. Arts Council funded Research and Development in Collaboration with Kath Duggan. Choreographer/Director

2009                     The Infinite Pleasure of the Great Unknown. Dir Simon VincenziAssistant Director/Choreographer.

2008                     Marguerite. Dir. Jonathan Kent/Choreographer Arthur Pita. Assistant Choreographer/Rehearsal Director


2020-Present      Workshop Leader/Teacher for Lost Dog

2018-Present      Workshop Leader/Teacher Dance for Parkinson at The National Neurology Hospital

2016-Present      Camera Operator Teacher at The Place Theatre

2011-Present      Workshop Leader/Teacher for New Adventures


2021-22              A Tale of Two Cities. Dir. Ben Duke/Lost Dog. UK/European Tour.

2021-22              Future Cargo. Dir. Frauke Requardt and David Rosenberg. UK/European Tour.

2021                    Amplified Edition n2. Dir. Hanna Gillgren and Heidi Rustgaard/H2Dance. UK Tour.

2018-19              Super Duper Close Up. Dir. Jess Latowicki/Made in China. The Yard Theatre (London) UK Tour.

2018                    Everything that Rises Must Dance. Dir. Sasha Milavic Davies. Theatre de Complicite'. 

2018                    Nocturne. Dir. Andy Field. Lift Festival London.

2017                    Deadclub. Dir. Frauke Requardt and David Rosenberg. The Place Theatre (London).

2017                   Walking Like Natives. Dir. Frauke Requardt and David Rosenberg. London.

2016                   Stilled. Dir. Davide Harradine/FeveredSleep. South Bank Centre/UK Tour.

2011-13              King Real.../Luxuriant. Dir. Simon Vincenzi.  Toynbee Studios/People's Palace (London)

2012                    Motorshow. Dir. Frauke Requardt and David Rosenberg. Lift Festival London, UK Tour.

2011                    Episode. Dir. Frauke Requardt. The Place Theatre (London) UK and Europe.

2011-12              World War Z. Dir. Mark Forster- Paramount Pictures/Plan B. Choreographer Alex Reynolds.

2010                    Don Giovanni. Dir. Rufus Norris. Choreographer Jonathan Lunn. English National Opera.

2010                    The Rite of Spring. Dir. Michael Keegan-Dolan/Fabulous Dance Beast. English National Opera.

2009                    Dancing on Your Grave.  Dir. Lea Anderson/ The Cholmondeleys and Featherstonehaughs. UK, Austarlia and New Zealand Tour.

2008-09              The Infinite Pleasure of The Great Unknown.  Dir. Simon Vincenzi. UK, Netmage Festival Bologna, Yhetare Der Welt (Halle)

2008-09               Broken Chords. Dir. Charlotte Vincent/ Vincent Dance Theatre. The Place Theatre (London) UK and USA Tour. 

2008-09               Punchdrunk. Dir. Charlotte Vincent/ Vincent Dance Theatre. The Place Theatre (London) UK Tour.

2008                    Russian Roulette. Dir. Lea Anderson/ The Cholmondeleys and Featherstonehaughs. Royal Vauxhall Tavern.

2006-07               Yippeee!!!  Dir. Lea Anderson/ The Cholmondeleys and Featherstonehaughs. Salder's Wells Theatre (London) UK Tour.

2006                     La Belle Helene. Dir. Laurent Pelly.  Choreographer Laura Scozzi. English Opera House.

2004-06               Invisible Dances. Dir. Simon Vincenzi and Frank Bock/ Bock & Vincenzi. Purcell Room, Laban Theatre (London), Venice Biennale, UK, Europe.             

2002-05               Play Without Words. Dir. Matthew Bourne/ New Adventures. National Theatre-London, UK, USA, Russia and Japan.

2002-04               Nutcracker! Dir. Matthew Bourne/ New Adventures. Sadler's Wells Theatre (London) Uk Tour.

2000-02               The Car Man. Dir. Matthew Bourne/ New Adventures. The Old Vic (London) UK, USA and Japan.

2000                     Breathtaking. Dir. Simon Vincenzi and Frank Bock/ Bock & Vincenzi. Toynbee Studio (London), Uk tour.

1998-99               Cinderella. Dir. Matthew Bourne/ New Adventures. Piccadilly Theatre (London) Ahmanson Theatre (Los Angeles)

1997-99               Swan Lake. Dir. Matthew Bourne/ New Adeventures. Ahmanson Theatre (Los Angeles) Neil Simon Theatre (Broadway- New York)

1996                   Dance Hall at Louse Point. Dir. Mark Bruce/ Mark Bruce Dance Company and PJ Harvey. Queen Elisabeth Hall (London), UK and Austria.

1995                   Yes. Dir. Yael Flexer/ Bedlam Dance Company. The Place Theatre (London) UK tour.


Since 2006 Valentina has worked extensively as a professional camera operator/director/live-video editor at The Place Theatre filming dance shows, concerts and theatre performances for various companies.

Other work as a freelancers includes filming for English National Ballet, Birmingham Royal Ballet, Richard Alston Dance Company, Tate Britain and Lea Anderson.

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