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The Invisible Dances

Dir. Simon Vincenzi and Frank Bock/2004

Funded by Arts Council England, Dance4, KunstenFESTIVALdesArts, and Laban.

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The Invisible Dances was a theatre work presented in three acts over three years.

Each act was drawn from a repertoire of work developed during a five-year research period – as well as responding to the different spaces, times and contexts in which they were presented. The performers, both blind and sighted, inhabit a series of musical, spoken and visual texts that remain unseen/unheard by an audience.

Elegiac in its search for narrative, The Invisible Dances presented a disturbing visual world of abandonment and beauty.

As the piece ends in roaring darkness, it’s as if we finally join [the performers]. And you’d be amazed at just what a blast that is.”

The Observer 2006

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