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Invisible dances...from afar: a show that will never be shown

Dir.Simon Vincenzi-Frank Bock/Arts Theatre London/2003

Commissioned by Media Art Projects and in association with Dance 4 for Nottdance.

invisible dances.jpg

In the empty auditorium sat just one person; the poet and theatre maker Fiona Templeton. As she watched, she recorded her experience of this extraordinary two-hour long performance, so that an audience might later hear it on the telephone. The nine performers knew that if they stopped performing their audience would have nothing to describe and that if she stopped talking that the show would disappear. Individually the dancers explored different relationships between the external body, communication technologies and absence. Through personal earpieces they responded to different ‘soundtracks’ drawn from internal sounds of the body.

Later the vivid and haunting account of Fiona Templeton could be heard as a sound work for the telephone, by dialling the number advertised on fly posters designed by artist Duncan MacAskill. 

“… a first for dance”

The Guardian, 2004

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