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Look at Me Now Mummy

Dir/Chor. Charlotte Vincent/2008/Rehearsal Director

Made in 2008, Look At Me Now, Mummy was originally co-commissioned by Danceworks UK (South Yorkshire), The Point, (Eastleigh), Lakeside Arts Centre (Nottingham) and The Tron Theatre (Glasgow) and funded by Arts Council England.

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Director/Choreographer Charlotte Vincent’s Look At Me Now, Mummy, is a comi-tragic one-woman show created with long-term Polish collaborator Aurora Lubos, eight months after giving birth to her first child.Set in a dishevelled and chaotic kitchen, Look At Me Now, Mummy is an intimate, funny and moving portrait of a mother’s desire to look the part, whilst not really knowing what part it is that she is supposed to be playing. It’s about trial and error and theatrical failure, with a baby always crying somewhere in the distance.

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