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Dancing on Your Grave

Dir. Lea Anderson


London ,UK, Australia, New Zealand/2009


Directed by Lea Anderson, with music performed by composer Steve Blake and Nigel Burch of the Flea Pit Orchestra, the five dancers and musicians take on the characters of a dead vaudeville troupe (inevitably calling themselves The Corpse De Ballet), who have crossed over to the side of the living, stuck on an endless purgatorial tour of small theatres. Doomed and desperate as they are, the performers still claim to offer their own cheery brand of cockney-Weimar cabaret, with ukulele music and bar-room ballads accompanying the slickly choreographed routines.

‘The whole show is a brilliant mixture of grisliness and vigour. It skips and shuffles along, never more lively than when complaining about death.’ 

Zoe Anderson, Independent

‘The effect is a comic grotesquerie of death and how to stare it down. An excellent antidote to the current gloom.’ 

Sarah Frater, Evening Standard

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